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THE naTURAL alternative             TO plastiC

Why bees wax wraps?

Wrap a sandwich, leftover veggies, cheese or cover a bowl. Use the warmth of your hands to form the PrettyBeeFresh wrap over your bowl or any other product. The wrap will hold its shape, creating a breathable seal. Simply wash with cold water and gentle soap. Reuse & Repeat. 

Cover Food

Bees wax is naturally anti bacterial and keeps your food fresh and hygienic. It's very diverse and there are countless ways of using them. Our PrettyBeeFresh wraps last up to one year when in use everyday and even longer when used not so much

Fresh for longer

We pride ourselves in only using the best products for our handmade bees wax wraps.  Pretty Bee Fresh Wraps are completely degradable and made out of 100% pure cotton fabric, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and pure bees wax sourced from sustainable local London bees

Natural Ingredients

Pine Resin

What's in it? 

Naturally sustainable

Let's take responsibility for our future and ensure that following generations will be able to live a happy and healthy life. We're therefore carefully using our natural resources to produce sustainable products, which help to enhance the life of us humans and our environment. We proudly abstain from using unnecessary packaging and follow the zero-waste example even beyond the production of our Pretty Bee Fresh wax wraps. 

All our bees wax wraps are handmade with love, for a better and plastic-free future. 

100% Pure Cotton 

beeswax from local bees

organic jojoba oil

- Reusable

- Breathable

- Antibacterial 

- Biodegradable 

- Alternative to plastic

- Eco friendly 

- Sustainable 

- Handmade

no more plastic

behind the scenes

Let's take responsibility for our planet!

Here in this video you can get to know who's behind Pretty Bee Fresh, what we do, how we make our wraps and what plastic pollution means to us. 

Let's spread the word and tackle this problem together. One person already can make a massive difference, so join us on our quest of making this a better planet. For us, the generations to follow and our environment.

Usage & Care


  • Wrap your beeswax wrap around food/bowls/glass and shape with the warmth of your hands

  • Wash with cold/lukewarm water and a bit of soap, dry and reuse

  • Do not use for raw meat or fish 

  • Do not use for pineapples

  • Do not use over an open flame or in high temperatures 

  • Do not use in the microwave or in the oven

  • Do not dry on a radiator

  • Can also be used in the freezer 


  • Wash with cold water prior to first use

  • To refresh your wrap every couple of months, put it in the oven on some parchment paper and leave the wrap for 3-5 mins at 100 degrees. It will be very hot when it comes out, so wave it in the air to let dry. 

  • After your PrettyBeeFresh wrap has served its time, simply recycle in your organic waste bin or use as a fire lighter.

what our customers think

Nicole, UK

Ever since using these, the way I pack my food has changed fundamentally. 

Plastic Oceans uk

Plastic Oceans UK is delighted to be supported by Pretty Bee Fresh, a company which is helping to reduce the use of single-use plastics!

Michaela, Austria

In my house, plastic is a thing of the past. I wrap my food only in bees wax wraps knowing that I do my fair share for the environment and the future of my children.  

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