Frequently asked questions


How do I find my Steam Hex?

To find your Steam Hex click here.

How do I create an account for the CAD?

Click here and follow the instructions to create an account.

How do I set up the LiveMap?

Click here to set up your LiveMap.

How do I Change my Nickname?

Click here to change your nickname.

General Questions

What departments are avaliable?

We have the following departments:

  • Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Tarrant County Sheriff's Office
  • Fort Worth Police Department
  • Fort Worth Fire Department
  • Tarrant County 911 Call Center
  • Texas Towing INC
  • Civilian
Click here to see all the department

What type of CAD do you all use?

State of Texas Roleplay use SonoranCAD. SonoranCAD has features such as LiveMap, Panic, and much more!

How do I fill out an application?

To fill out an application, head over to your desired department and click on the button that says Apply to [Department Name] Today.

Do you use Discord or Teamspeak?

Our community only uses Discord to do patrol and communicate. To join our Discord and do an application click the Discord logo at the bottom of the page.

What days are patrols?

Patrols are held on every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. They are mandatory and start at 7pm CST. If you have a special circumstance, the department head is able to work with you.

What time zone are you all based out of?

State of Texas Roleplay is based of the Central Time Zone. (CST)

How do I change my in-game name?

Your in-game name is related to the Steam application. Please check out our step-by-step document on how to change this. Click here.